Elemental Analyser Spectrometer

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  1. Handheld Spectrometer

    EDX Explorer 5000 is a handheld spectrum analyser specially developed for on-site analysis. Gold Analysis using an Handheld XRF gold tester is a highly accurate,fast technique to determine gold concentration in jewelry, scrap gold, gold bars and coins. This method of gold analysis is completely nondestructive, allowing the user to test gold to evaluate it for purchase, spot- checking of jewelry, to test pin samples and gold bars. Above all without damaging the integrity of the sample being tested in any form.
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  2. EDX 3000 Element Analyser Spectrometer

    REDLANDS EDX3000 based on X Ray Fluorescence technology with Silicon Pin Diode detector. The instrument has the largest measurement area (20 mm) and is most suitable for measuring ornaments.
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  3. EDX3600 Elemental Analyser Spectrometer

    REDLANDS EDX3600 is based on X Ray Fluorescence technology with high resolution Silicon Drift detector and automatic multi collimator ( 0.1 – 8mm f ) suitable for various applications.
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