BC II 800

BC II 800
BC II 800
Product Description


Weighing Range

3/6 kgs

6/15 kgs

15/30 kgs


1/2 g

2/5 kgs

5/10 g

Min Load

20 kgs

40 g

100 g

Max. tare Load

-6 kgs

-9,995 kgs

-30 kgs

Label Printer

432 dots;
8 dots/mm resolution;
printing speed 102 mm/s;
Graphics functionality;
Logo Printing
Upper and Lower case letters
Multiple font size and styles
EAN/UPC bar code
Max. label length 145 mm
Receipt width 58 mm
Print width 54 mm
Customizable label
Numerous pre-defined and fully customizable label size and layouts
Transferable to adhesive thermal and normal thermal print
Label layout on thermal paper
Optional Talon


7 segment LCD with backlight
Height of digit 12 mm
4 or 5 digit weight display


Membrane Keuboard
Fully customizable
84 Keys
30 of which are function key and 54 direct keys for PLUs and other function keys
Integrated programming keyboard

Operating Voltage

(-10+6%) 230 V or (-15+10%) 120V

Current Consumption

230 V max. 250 mA

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